Logo of JePenne and Frostberry, a frosty strawberry deeply penetrated by a pencil with sperm overflowing.JePenne and Frostberry

Logo of JePenne and Frostberry, a frosty strawberry deeply penetrated by a pencil with sperm overflowing.

JePenne and Frostberry

JePenne and Frostberry, a cute couple making adult videos :)

Hey! 👋

We are JePenne (the guy) and Frostberry (the chick 😋).

We've been a couple since 2014. We've met in Czech Republic, although JePenne is from Romania and Frostberry is Swedish.

Our first two weeks together were spent in hotel rooms fucking all day and night, occasionally taking breaks to grab some food so we can fuck some more 😅.

We try to have sex at least twice a day, the max we managed was six hehe.

We hope you enjoy the videos you will find on this personal website. They redirect towards other platforms because it's very hard to host such big files ourselves but we're working on it.

We have some premium videos and some free videos. Take a look!

Featured Videos ⭐

Frostberry giving JePenne an amazing and sensual blowjob
Beautiful blowjob by gorgeous blonde Frostberry

The plan was to do some ol' pussy fucking but Frostberry's blowjob was too great to pass on. I came in her mouth and even though I'd have loved to see her play with my cum a bit, she was too thirsty and swallowed like a good girl 😍
We filmed from 2 angles, this is the 1st one.
Fucking Frostberry on the couch close up POV
Shaved slim girl fucked on the couch POV with creampie closeup

Found myself bumping into Frostberry 🧊🍓 on our small path towards the kitchen. I was horny so I gave her a kiss while pulling her clothes off. I pushed her down on the couch and started fucking 💦
Xmas blowjob with soles in view - foot fetish
Xmas blowjob with soles in view and pretty lights + behind the scenes 📹

So this is our Xmas 🎄 blowjob video which we already uploaded, but upon checking it ourselves, we found out the behind the scenes are pretty cool. All said and done, we had to upload this full version too 😃
Frostberry teasing JePenne for Xmas with lights wrapped around her
Xmas tease and couch ride present

A great present for JePenne, 10 / 10, now he wants presents like these every day 😅
JePenne fucking Frostberry in her pretty ass
Fucking Frostberry in her pretty ass, without a condom ... 🙃

We had some fun in the last video and this is a continuation of it with some slightly rough anal. It went pretty damn well considering the break we had taken from butt action 🍑 .
Frostberry dancing to Eat Sleep Rave Repeat
Bendy Frostberry riding JePenne on the couch

We were having fun filming a video for a fan and decided to take advantage of the cool setup and have some fun for ourselves only too, just that we ended up sharing it as always 😜 Love the view of Frostberry's bendy back!
Frostberry dancing to Eat Sleep Rave Repeat
Cute Frostberry dancing to Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

We were in the kitchen and as always, music was playing. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat started and Frostberry just burst into dance 💃... almost without pants. I just laid back and enjoyed the show 😁- JePenne
First parody / funny video with Frostberry painting miniatures and trolling JePenne.
Our first parody/funny 😂 video with subtitles!

Frostberry 🍓 was painting miniatures giving JePenne full access to her ass. Once he started though, so did the trolling 😆
Dry paint and lolz.
Redhead Frostberry sucking JePenne slowly and riding him to Hell and back
Redhead Frostberry giving slow oral and riding JePenne

A slow but intense oral with riding and creampie 😉 and my awesomely red hair 🔴 !
Got so drolly with JePenne's dick in my throat lol
Amateur model Frostberry hinders JePenne from taking a shower
POV bathroom fucking doggy style with loud creampie oopsie

JePenne wanted to take a shower but I had other plans lol
Fucking my shaved girlfriend at our own bar back home because of Corona
Shaved pussy gets creampie at own bar because of Corona

Didn't go out with the pandemic so we had to make the best of it home ^^
Period sex with a bloody creampie between Frostberry and JePenne
Period Sex with messy creampie on his dick, I hope I'm not pregnant

A very messy video which is not for everybody 😜
JePenne and Frostberry are filming adult custom videos.
Custom Video - Dirty Talk and Moans from a Secretary really Wanting a Promotion - 50 Minutes Full HD

This is a custom request we had from a very happy fan of ours :) It features a secretary working really hard to get a promotion. She moans and talks dirty to her boss - Joseph. 
JePenne and Frostberry's custom video about an interview in a patriarchal society.
Custom video 📽 - Job Interview in patriarchal setting

This is a custom order we got from a very well prepared fan of ours 😁 He presented to us a 12 page long script 😱 !  It took us 3 days 😄 and we hope you enjoy it! We sure did 😁!

Misc things

I (JePenne, the guy) made an app to check for OnlyFans restricted words as the platform has a lot of weirdly hidden things you cannot write. It's very buggy but it works and you can use it for free in your browser from here. If you know any more restricted words that I don't have in the app contact me.