Logo of JePenne and Frostberry, a frosty strawberry deeply penetrated by a pencil with sperm overflowing.JePenne and Frostberry

Logo of JePenne and Frostberry, a frosty strawberry deeply penetrated by a pencil with sperm overflowing.

JePenne and Frostberry

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On this page we post content which links to MLNP which is a pay-per-view love oriented and human curated website. It's the most realistic content you'll find of us, hope you enjoy πŸ₯°

Videos πŸ“Ή

We can't cook well but we try.
Late night scones and bedroom fun

Fueled on fresh scones and tequila at 3 am we retreated to the bedroom for some sexy dessert 😏
Our 9th Hotel Surfing video where we have some intimate activities by the fire.
Hotel Surfing 9: Fireside fun

Our 9th Hotel Surfing video! Frostberry enjoyed the heat of the fire and wanted to make Jepenne feel equally comfortable. In the end he got a little carried away 😁 better luck next time haha! We filmed from 2 angles and recorded a chill conclusion of the whole thing at the end πŸ₯°
Our 7th Hotel Surfing video in our favorite boutique hotel, in the shower.
Hotel Surfing 7: A Celebratory Shower

This is our 7th Hotel Surfing video, and the only one with a tour of the entire hotel room that will be featured in the next couple of videos. After finally arriving to a favorite place of ours we took a moment to wash off the road dust in good company and with a glass of wine πŸ₯° Contains bloopers at the end, we found them funny, hope you do too 😁
Our 6th Hotel Surfing video! Here we filmed at a very nice hotel with an amazing Forest View.
Hotel Surfing 6: Forest View

Our 6th Hotel Surfing video! It's always a treat to have a big nice view from a hotel room, especially a vast, houseless, space so nobody can see what we are really up to behind the window 😱 😏
Our 5th Hotel Surfing video where we relax in a bath tub before dashing for the check-out. Frostberry was on her period so there's period sex and messy scenes.
Hotel Surfing 5: Relaxing Morning Bath

Our 5th Hotel Surfing video 😊 After a good night's sleep we took a nice long bath just to relax and enjoy each other's company. JePenne got a nice "oral massage" 😁. It was relaxing but quite messy in the end.
Our 4th hotel surfing video where JePenne took the lead as Frostberry poked him in the butthole and got exhausted from riding him. It was a fun experience, not romantic but very entertaining.
Hotel Surfing: Smashed It

Our 4th Hotel Surfing video, a continuation from Bouncy Girl in a Funny Room 😊 I (JePenne) had to take over because Frostberry got exhausted riding me and poked me in the butthole (not in this particular order πŸ˜‚). Made fun of our weird positions, including me tiptoeing most of the time. We then squatted our way to the bathroom and made a face in the mirror. It was a very fun and chill experience, romantic...not much, but that's fine 😁
Frostberry looking amuzed in the hotel room. Much bullshit happened :D
Hotel Surfing: Bouncy Girl in a Funny Room

Our 3rd Hotel Surfing video, part 1 πŸ™‚
We explored the room thoroughly and had a lot of fun with certain things not working as they should. Frostberry was sweet enough to help me with a boner, and then she rode it πŸ˜πŸ‘
At some point we wanted to see how it looks like from underneath, and filmed from that angle for a bit πŸ˜‹
Frostberry riding JePenne in the first episode of Hotel Surfing series
Hotel Surfing: Morning Mess

Our 2nd video from our Hotel Surfing series, where we explore different hotels and positions 😁 This was filmed portrait mode due to the lack of space and JePenne's long legs πŸ˜‚ On the bright side, we got a nice POV of Frostberry 😏 which was on her period πŸ‘€ It has a cum shot which we don't usually do, but JePenne wanted to see how it looks 😊
Frostberry riding JePenne in the first episode of Hotel Surfing series
Hotel Surfing: First Stop

The first time JePenne and I (Frostberry) met, we spent a lot of time in hotels to get to know each other better πŸ˜πŸ€— So whenever we travel we try commemorate the event by fucking a lot, everywhere πŸ˜… This is our first video of our Hotel Surfing series.
Fucking Frostberry hard on the couch while pulling her hair. Filmed from 2 angles, picture in picture
Two angle doggystyle

Our 50th video shared with Make Love Not Porn! πŸŽ‰
We put both of our phones to good use 😁 Frostberry got into it so much that she started moaning. She's rarely vocal, so when it happens it gets me so damn horny πŸ˜…πŸ’¦
Frostberry doing a squat challenge on JePenne
Squat Challenge πŸ’ͺ

I've been slacking with my squats lately so JePenne challenged me to do them on him instead x'D
High five with naked Frostberry
Too much fun πŸ˜†

We bantered a bit too much which made the sex quite difficult but we managed eventually, and ended it with some dildo action 😜
Kissing Frostberry awake at 2 PM in "the morning".
Trying to wake up Frostberry at 2 pm in the "morning"

We both managed a good night sleep, but Frostberry just can't get enough sometimes πŸ’€ and then she's angry she slept all day. I had to do something 😁
Frostberry giving JePenne a little bit of everything in bed.
Going For A Ride

We had a great evening grinding our bodies together. I was on top so I had all the control to drive JePenne to a pleasurable destination, earning myself a high five :F
Frostberry giving JePenne a little bit of everything in bed.
A little bit of everything

We had a nice happy time in bed before sleeping. We tried a bit of everything to make sure we're covering all the bases. Wish I (JePenne) had more stamina left for some backdoor action but alas, it was not meant to be 😁
Frostberry giving JePenne a little bit of everything in bed.
Battling the Dragon in the shower

I struggled to stop the dragon from "running away" damned thing did not want to stay in one place. My legs got super exhausted but in the end it was a sudden but successful battle 😁
Mrs. Clause sexually punishing the pervy elf she found in her bedroom.
Mrs. Clause and The Naughty Elf πŸŽ„

Mrs. Clause found a naughty elf πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ in the master bedroom and decided to teach him some manners πŸ˜…
Frostberry looking behind as JePenne is fucking her doggy style
Bedroom Bendies

We were testing miscellaneous dick maneuvers on this nice and sunny afternoon , did not quite work as expected 🀨 We still managed to get down to business and almost rearranged the bedroom furniture πŸ˜‰
Frostberry getting dogged by the Werewolf in the abandoned house where dead vampire Johnny lives on.
Dogged in the Dungeon 🐺

Two youthful thrill-seekers πŸ‘€ visit their long dead πŸ’€ (but not gone) friend Johnny at his countryside home πŸŽƒ. Unexpectedly the old house is not as uninhabited as it seems πŸ¦‡, something terrifyingly horny seems to be hiding in the dingy basement 🦴.
How to not eat lunch
Eventful lunch πŸ˜…

Frostberry served JePenne wine and fresh salad πŸ₯— but JePenne had other lunch plans πŸ†. Things escalated into jokes, giggles, and sex - ⏰ 33 minutes later no lunch was eaten.
JePenne and Frostberry enjoying a cuddly shower together
Cuddly shower sex πŸ₯°

I barged in on Frostberry πŸ“πŸ§Š taking a shower and we took one together. It was cute and cuddly and a bit messy at the end since she was on her period, but that never stops me 😊 She struggled a bit kneeling down so we changed the position, it was great! I love her πŸ’•
Frostberry masturbating for the first time on camera
First solo video πŸ’―

This is my first solo video 😊 After practicing masturbating with the shower for maybe a month I finally built up the courage and skill to get it to work while our phones watched... JePenne πŸ† was not allowed in the room this time but he gets to watch the video πŸ˜—
Frostberry having a surprise orgasm
Surprise orgasm πŸ‘€

Both me and JePenne were surprised that this worked, oral orgasm's rarely happen in strange positions :I All the tension made my hands tingle like mad x"D
JePenne and Frostberry enjoying the view
Nightscape adventures πŸŒƒ

We were enjoying the beautiful nightscape... well.. I was. JePenne was more interested in viewing me from behind πŸ™„ Even if you don't see it, you might hear it - I was on my period 😽
Cozy fireplace sex by JePenne and Frostberry
Cozy fireplace ❀️‍πŸ”₯ sex with bonus scenes from a different angle

The video is very long since half of the duration (~40 mins) is the same action filmed from a different perspective. We took some evening time off together to drink wine and dance in the β€œfire” light. Some hugs and cuddles later I gave JePenne a romp to remember for at least 24 hours…
JePenne and Frostberry having sex on the window sill watching the sunset
Sex with a view from 2 angles πŸ‘€

We wanted to catch the evening sun β˜€οΈ by the window and we did so with both of our phones. This video shows us having the same great time on the window sill from 2 slightly different angles. First angle was shot with an Iphone 12 and the 2nd angle with the Samsung S21.
Frostberry being helped by JePenne to wake the fuck up
Not a morning person πŸŒ›

I (Frostberry) am not a morning person 😴, but I try πŸ˜€. I lumbered out of bed, put my cute socks 🧦 on and went to nap on the couch lol. JePenne figured he'd help me out, and oh boy the cuddles were so much better than coffee β˜•οΈ, or the coffee beans he talked about at the end of the video πŸ˜„
JePenne and Frostberry laughing at the sex predicament
A playful shower with Frostberry afraid of glass

We had some funny πŸ˜‚ moments in the shower with Frostberry being spooked 😱 by the apparently flimsy glass wall. The position was a bit hard to maintain so we ended up with some sexy close up anal πŸ‘.
Fast hotel sex for our 7th anniversary
Fast hotel "cuddles"

Celebrating our 7 years together with a bang. Short but sweet! We had to hurry up to go eat at the restaurant so we can come back up and fuck some more 😁
Fucking in the mirror while at a hotel.
A great view from two places

After a nice and relaxing breakfast in the hotel's restaurant we had some brisk exercise in our room πŸ˜‰ and that mirror, oh wow, it was so well placed! JePenne couldn't help himself 😁
JePenne helping Frostberry to cook
Stirring some romance while she stirs the pot

Frostberry was busy making food and JePenne figured he should "help" her. We ended up ordering food 😁 we don't know how to cook - help!
JePenne being poorly tied up by Frostberry
How do you even use this?

We tried using a rope for the first time, quite unprepared and spontaneous but it was a lot of fun πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ !
JePenne grabbing Frostberry's ass
A spanking evening

We put the bed up and had a great evening with kisses, spanks (a bit too many maybe lol), and riding left and right 😁, obviously a chaotic ending as we always have nowadays. Hope you enjoy!
Afternoon sex and cuddles - JePenne and Frostberry
Afternoon sex and cuddles

We were fooling around on the dancing pole and it got a bit *warm*. Started filming and JePenne was already naked and smiling 😁 We kinda danced for a bit, hugged, talked, and had some really sweet sex πŸ˜„
JePenne and Frostberry having fun in the shower
Strong butt and even stronger jokes

We started by taking a shower and soon ended up having sex in between jokes. My humor was too much for JePenne whose dick was already battling my recently worked out ass. It didn't really work out because of how much I made him laugh πŸ˜‚ ops! I made up for it later that evening 😊
Frostberry spinning on the pole and then blowing JePenne
First time trying a cock ring – failed attempt

We tried to have sex using a cock ring, something we never attempted before, however it didn't quite work out as Frostberry got a bit alarmed with the color of my penis. It was quite funny to see how she struggled to put it on πŸ˜‚ (part 2 of 2)
Frostberry spinning on the pole and then blowing JePenne
Pole spins and oral

We were working out in our living room together, spinning lazily on our pole and continued the evening with more intimate activities 😏 (part 1 of 2)
Sex and tickles with JePenne and Frostberry
Sex and tickles

Didn't get to relax much on the couch as JePenne was teasing me with cuddles and tickles xD. The end was pretty funny and sudden, and he started spinning on the pole while I was trying to not make a mess 😁
Frostberry trying to get a glass of water
How to get a glass of water in 30 minutes

This video shows why we can never go to bed early. It was 5 am when we decided to get that glass of water and cuddle until we fall asleep. Needless to say, half an hour past between getting the glass and going to bed.
Frostberry curing JePenne's headache
Best cure for a headache

I've been having this headache for like 2 days now, and the best cure for it is sex. I get a few painkillers πŸ’Š to get me through the day but sex definitely provides instant comfort, I guess it's all the hormones and stuff, not too sure about the biology behind this, but heck, if it works, it works! Frostberry rode me...read more
Frostberry and JePenne having fun with each other
Silly, funny, overall wholesome evening

We had a great evening in our messy room fooling with each other. JePenne starts talking in my mouth at some point, I squiggle off the bed (unrelated to the mouth echo check xD), and then to top it all off I start acting and moaning, but without putting any life in it, so it ends up super robotic and hilarious...read more
Frostberry and JePenne having lazy morning with sex around Xmas
Xmas πŸŽ„ playful lazy sex while trying to wake up

It was really hard to get out of bed today, so we tried to do our best considering the circumstances 😁. It was slow, lazy, and 40 minute long! We had a few laughs too and a small battle with the blankets and pillows. JePenne kinda climaxed right when his dick went outside and pounded the bed a bit 🀣
Frostberry and JePenne having a silly Christmas pre-party
Silly Xmas pre-party

We were trying to get filled with the Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŽ„ spirit with some moody lights and casual sex. Unfortunately real life interfered at least twice, but we managed to squeeze in some chill loving in between πŸ˜ƒ
JePenne and Frostberry making love on the floor
We love sex on the floor!

It was a sunny afternoon. Frostberry had been painting 🎨 some miniatures that morning and managed to turn me on by lying with yoga pants on. We enjoy sex on the floor a lot, gives a different...read more
Cuddly morning sex in the sunlight
Cuddly morning sex in the sunlight 🌞

We have a lot of sex in the morning, it's such a great way to wake up! JePenne likes it cause it's sex...hehehe... and he won't pull his back getting out of bed or get a headache too soon xD damn, we're old. I like because...read more
Guy with long hair using dildos in the shower
JePenne using dildos in the shower with awkward positions and silly things happening

Hey :) This video is a bit unusual for us as it's only about the guy, JePenne. I started recording once I grabbed 2 of our dildos and ran to the shower - ran because I was naked and quite cold. Frostberry had this weird smile ...read more
Adult Halloween video with funny roleplaying by JePenne and Frostberry...and Johnny.
Silly Halloween roleplay – with subtitles

This is our first improvised roleplay ever, featuring a Halloween theme :D We had great fun roleplaying as a random neighbor getting trick or treated by a girl willing to do a bit to much for her treat. The dialogue was ...read more
Love on the kitchen floor with a funny and chaotic ending
Sex on the kitchen floor with a chaotic ending

We recharged the camera batteries after the lickjob recording πŸ“Ή and continued to have some cozy fun together. The ending was pretty chaotic but luckily bendy Frostberry could avoid a bigger mess than we already made 😁
Frostberry reading in her cozy spot and JePenne cozying up against her.
Nice cozy rainy day – lickjob and chat

A rainy day isn't necessarily a bad thing. Frostberry loves putting candles around and gets cozy with a book, while JePenne loves to get cozy with her. This recording filmed until it ran out of battery :) ...read more
JePenne and Frostberry 6th anniversary last part
6th anniversary part 4/4 – A proper ending to a great anniversary

To my surprise (JePenne), Frostberry managed a slightly weird position in which she gave me a boner with her gentle mouth. We continued with one of the most intimate position - missionary. Also it's one that puts ...read more
JePenne and Frostberry 6th anniversary 3rd part where JePenne gets penentrated
6th anniversary part 3/4 – Frostberry using a dildo in JePenne’s manly bum

Had a great and funny orgasm from JePenne's quick handle of the vibrator even though my head was lower than my body. I also used our biggest dildo and penetrate JePenne for the first time with it!...read more
JePenne pleasuring himself with bad dragon dildo.
Nearly cockblocked β›” by that damn squeaky couch πŸ›‹

A glass of whisky, a leather couch, a naked girl. A setup for porn movies, but what they don't tell you is how squeaky the couches can be! It almost made us quit! We started slowly with tender kisses. Her skin was so soft I couldn't ...read more
JePenne pleasuring himself with bad dragon dildo.
Two firsts πŸ’ – guy-only video and using a thick dildo with ridges

I've been waiting almost 2 months for this dildo to arrive πŸ†. The colors are awesome, the texture and ridges πŸŒ‹ feel great, overall the craftsmanship is amazing! I figured of giving it a go after my shower ...read more
JePenne and Frostberry's sunny afternoon together on the terrace having sex
6th anniversary part 2/4 – Bath fun, toys, and a vibrator for Frostberry

We continued having fun in the bath tub - Frostberry still had the butt plug in her and I (JePenne) was fooling around with a small dildo. Can't say it worked too well so I had to put it aside to enjoy Frostberry's gentle tongue. I pushed her against the wall and managed to get inside while she bent her back...read more
JePenne and Frostberry's sunny afternoon together on the terrace having sex
Sunny afternoon together πŸ’“

It was a sunny afternoon and I wanted to get a bit of that nice vitamin D (no, not the one you're thinking about πŸ˜‚), JePenne figured he'd join in but following his own idea of what sunbathing should be about πŸ™„ His shade didn't help but I flopped him over and got to enjoy both the sun and him 😁 - Frostberry
JePenne and Frostberry's cuddly sensual bath for their anniversary
Our 6th anniversary part 1 out of 4 - Cuddly bath and toys on both ends

It was our 6th anniversary! We celebrated at home together with a whooping 6 hour party (6 again hehe). This is part 1 out of 4 which shows us relaxing, talking, and cuddling in the bath tub. Half way through we start using some toys and have fun with me (Frostberry) struggling to use the dildo on JePenne (strong ass lol)
JePenne and Frostberry's having a small but long party that ends with fucking obviously :)
Partying together πŸ₯³

52 minutes of partying together πŸ’ƒ , fooling around on the pole, and the grand finale on the couch
JePenne and Frostberry's having some relaxed afternoon sex ending with a fail oral because Frostberry was falling asleep.
Relaxed afternoon sex

We loved each other's intimate parts but it ended with a fail oral on Frostberry cause she was falling asleep πŸ˜† Check the link below for a sneak preview.
JePenne and Frostberry's first make love not porn video
Our first Make Love Not Porn video!

A whooping 41 minute video of us hugging , kissing, and some sexy stuff 😘