JePenne and Frostberry

Logo of JePenne and Frostberry, a frosty strawberry deeply penetrated by a pencil with sperm overflowing.

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We're a couple that's been together since 2014 and we've been recording ourselves fucking and doing funny lewd stuff. Recently we decided to show some of this stuff to the world so we hope you can enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜‹

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Frostberry stretching her back against the dancing pole.
Truth or dare with JePenne sticking 3 fingers in Frostberry's bubble ass.
Truth or dare with JePenne sticking 2 fingers in Frostberry's bubble ass.
Frostberry's tight ass
Red head Frostberry wearing only a tshirt posing for the picture.
JePenne (slim, fit, long dark hair) with only a towel to hide his manly parts is holding 2 drinks.